25 Things Cashiers Hate


25 things Cashiers hate….

As a cashier for a small grocery store….these are just a few of my pet peeves. They are all things I’m sure you’ve seen cashiers frown or rant over. Please share and elighten others on how to respect hardworking cashiers!

1. People putting their full cart of items up on the belt getting rung out only to realize they’ve forgotten their wallet or checkbook. As a courtesy to the customers and to the cashier, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look for your wallet BEFORE you leave home or get out of your car at the store!

2. Who even still WRITES checks?! It’s called cash or your debit/credit card that’s LINKED to your checking account! It’s 2014 people! Get with technology. Besides, most stores run your check electronically or will print it for you now so PLEASE! You don’t have to fill the whole thing out! Just sign it!

3. The one thing that irritates cashiers the most are the people who come up to the register and start yakking away on their cell phones or to someone they know while the cashier is ringing up their purchase. Please be courteous and get off your goddamn cell phone. Tell the person you’ll call them back or talk to them another time. It’s rude and impolite, especially when the cashier is trying to make friendly conversation with you!

4. Another thing that irritates me are old people that take their sweet ass time in line. They will give you their life story, while counting all of their items in their cart, while slowly proceeding to place their items on the belt, and also take FOREVER to count their money!

5. Okay so I will admit I have food stamps. But what irritates me are those that I’m pretty sure really don’t need them and are the ones who keep several large bills in their wallets, and/or don’t keep track of their balance on their EBT card. They buy buy buy and then get to the register and ask you to check their balance. Then they slow down the line by cutting off at a certain amount and the rest of the groceries have to go back on the shelf.

6. Registers that never want to cooperate with cashiers. Let’s leave it at that.

7. People who bring in loose change to use towards a purchase. PLEASE PEOPLE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ROLL YOUR CHANGE OR USE A COINSTAR MACHINE OR TAKE IT TO THE BANK! I don’t want to count out twenty dollars worth of quarters!!!

8. Stock boys who don’t do their job and then you have to do double duty…

9. Parents who treat their kids like crap in the store. Seriously, if I see one more parents hit their kid…how would you feel if someone berated and degraded you?

10. People who expect you to bag your groceries for them when you work at a Bag-It-Yourself store. Don’t put the bags or boxes in the cart and expect me to fill them. Also, DONT stand there and bag or box your shit while I’m ringing you out. That’s what the tables are for.

11.People asking for directions, the date, or the time. Like I seriously have the time myself to tell you this?

12. People paying for a purchase below 20.00 with a fifty or hundred dollar bill when they clearly have the right amount of money in their wallet. Do I look like an ATM to you when I have little to nothing in my drawer? break your large bills elsewhere! preferably the bank!

13. Those annoying plastic bags for produce and meat. People tie huge knots in them and you cant scan the meat or count produce items individually.

14. People that leave their crap behind. Double check before you leave…i dont want to run after you Ninja-style to hand you something you forgot.

15. People that leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot instead of properly placing them in the cart corral! Lazy and dangerous!

16. How stupid are to not notice that the box, bag, or container is leaking all over your stuff? Have you no decency?

17. When someone just had to go and mess up your stocking rotation. Take from the top box, NOT THE MIDDLE OR BOTTOM ONE. Old before new people.

18. I’m not your maid. Don’t ask me to throw shit away for you at the register. Do that with the garbage can that is sitting five feet away.

19. People who place their money on the register belt or little shelf instead placing it into the cashier’s waiting and open hand. It’s hard to pick change up off that shit!

20. If you change your mind about something, PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS. Lazy and stupid. If it’s a cold item, PUT IT BACK IN THE COLD SECTION.

21. I just hate stupid people in general. Like drunk and/or high people with the munchies.

22. People who buy in bulk and put everything on the belt instead of handing one of the items and telling you how many you have. It’s called a quantity button for a reason people!

23. Do not make jokes about having just printed off your fifty dollar bill that morning when we hold it up to the light or mark it with the marker. It’s not funny, we’ve heard it a hundred times, and if I’m pissed enough I can technically decline your bill since you’ve admitted to forgery.

24. When I’m looking for the produce code for a fruit or vegetable on my paper, don’t tell me “oh it’s a peach, or, they’re 99 cents a pound”. I know which goddamn fruit it is and/or how much they are, not only is that condescending but profoundly unhelpful.

25. When “trying to get rid of your change”, do not hold out a handful and tell the cashier to pick through it to find what they need. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain how impolite this is, and you’re wasting everyone’s time.

That’s all I have to rant about for now! But believe you me, if you reblog this, you will open everyone’s eyes and maybe us hardworking cashiers will earn a little respect!

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