Every Little Helps' - Tesco tweet to man who informed supermarket giant he'd found WASP in his food -


Every Little Helps’ – Tesco tweet to man who informed supermarket giant he’d found WASP in his food

Aaron Booth was preparing a meal for his girlfriend when he says he found the wasp in a bag of carrot, cauliflower and broccoli bought from a store in Sale

Sting in the tale: Aaron found wasp in food bag

A chef who tweeted Tesco bosses claiming he found a wasp in a ready meal received a tweet back saying ‘Every Little Helps’.

Aaron Booth, 20, was preparing a meal for girlfriend Tallulah Wheeler, 19, on Tuesday when he claims he found the insect in his microwave.

He believes it came from inside a bag of carrot, cauliflower and broccoli he bought from the Tesco store in Sale town centre earlier that evening.

However when Aaron tweeted the retail giant a picture of the wasp he received a curt response with the chain simply saying ‘Every Little Helps’ along with a smiley face.


Tesco Twitter Response


The phrase has been the firm’s slogan advertising slogan since 1993 and is synonymous with the brand.

Aaaron, who works in the kitchen at Wetherspoon’s Pub at the Chill Factore Ski slope in Trafford, said he expected a more sympathetic response.

He said: “We had been cooking the veg but the bag burst and when opened it the door there was a wasp in there.

“I’m certain it came from inside the veg because I had cleaned it just before I put it in.

“It was still alive, I don’t know how it survived.

“Me and my girlfriend are both scared of wasps so we had to get my mum to come and kill it.

“Tallulah was disgusted and wouldn’t eat the food afterwards. If the bag hadn’t burst we would have ended eating it.”


Wasp found in vegetables

Buzzfeed: Insect was in bag of food


However Aaron, from Partington, was left even more stunned when he took to Twitter to raise it with the company’s head office.

He said: “To be honest I found it quite funny. But I was surprised that that was all they said to me.

“I thought they might ask me to go into the store or offer me a refund.

“I work in a kitchen myself and if one of our customers said they’d found something like that in their food we’d be really apologetic and offer them free meals.

“So it’s not great customer service on their part really.”


Aaron Booth and girlfriend Tallulah with Tesco tweet

Afraid: Aaron and Tallulah had to call on his mum to kill wasp


A Tesco spokesman said: “We set ourselves very high standards for the safety and quality of our food and take all complaints seriously.

“Our Customer Service Team have apologised to Mr Booth and offered him a gesture of goodwill’.



Sourced from the dailymirror.co.uk

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    GOOD ON YOU TESCO!!!! :)

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