The 11 Worst Things About Working In A Supermarket -


The 11 Worst Things About Working In A Supermarket

No matter how many people tried to warn you, you’ll often find yourself stuck back in your part-time supermarket job after graduation.

Not exactly what you were hoping 3 years of hard work would result in, and time goes on with still no sign of that dream job you were hoping to land.

“Well at least you’ve got a job”, “Think of the money!” come the cries of your friends and family. Though they make valid points, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed. Especially when you find yourself hating certain details of your supermarket job…

1. You walk into work and see this:

Mount Doom

2. The soul-destroying overtime

You find yourself accepting more overtime than you intended to, because you could do with the extra money.


3. The interrogation you face from your family

Their questions are endless and near-impossible to answer. “How’s the job hunt coming?”, “Have you applied to any jobs recently?”, “So, when are you going to get a real job?” A real job? Back. Off.

4. Graduate schemes

The moment the Managers come up to you and say “You’ve worked here a while now, have you thought about getting on the Graduate Scheme to become a Manager?” is the moment you soul completely leaves your body. You know you’ve worked there far too long.

5. Your years of service

And it gets worse when you’re handed that new work badge informing you just how many years of service you’ve clocked up.

6. Seeing old friends

Is there anything worse than seeing an old friend from School who you’ve not seen in a while? Two choices cross your mind: I could greet them with a big smile, or run and hide. Of course, there’s only one option:

7. Realising that they will always shop at your store

You can’t avoid them forever, as much as you try. So you casually assure them that you’re only there part-time while you find a job relating to your degree (do such things exist?).

Meanwhile, they tell you how well everything is going in their life.

8. Seeing them again, months later

You lock eyes, they see you’re still working there, you see that they’ve seen you’re still working there and you just accept the emptiness you’re left feeling.

9. Your Co-Workers:

Everyone has annoying co-workers, but Supermarkets have a particular brand of annoying co-workers. And there are so many of them, like:

Smelly Pete

Every Supermarket has a smelly Pete. Name interchangeable.

The one who thinks they’re hilarious

They will not leave you alone until you acknowledge this hilarity in some way.

The co-worker who just loves fancy dress days.

The couples.

Is there anything more annoying than a workplace romance? Nobody wants to know, everyone has to listen.

10. The Customers:

Customers are the single worst part about working in a Supermarket, whilst also being the whole point. Generally they’re fine and pleasant, but you’ll always remember the ones who weren’t.

Like the ones who complains about everything

Like you’re the owner of the supermarket or something.

The drunk ones

They venture in at 10 AM looking for more alcohol.

The old, obnoxious and inappropriate ones.

No, I don’t wish to listen to your outdated, narrow-minded, unfunny ‘jokes’.

Or the incredibly good looking one

You can never flirt with then because you’re in a disgusting uniform.

But the worst thing is being nice to rude customers

You’re never in the mood, but you have to do it.

11. When friends leave

They’ve finally managed to bag themselves their dream job while you’re stuck there. You’re happy for them, but gutted they’re going – it’s one less person to keep you sane.

But at the end of the day it’s all made worth it when your shift is over and you’ve got time off to do what you want. Definitely going to make the most of it, apply to some jobs, be productive… Blah blah blah.

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