The 15 Retail Employees From Hell. Do You Work With Any Of These? -


The 15 Retail Employees From Hell. Do You Work With Any Of These?

The most important assets any business has are their employees.

Sometimes you discover you’ve got a co-worker from hell.

You know, the Bitter Betty employee who looks like they sucked on a lemon.

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The 15 Employees From Hell

1. The Know-It-All. No matter how you tell this person how you want something done, they always say that they already do it that way… but they continue to keep doing it wrong.

2. The Negative Nancy. Nothing is going right. No one is doing anything well. Everything is someone else’s fault. They suck the exuberance out of living.

3. The Child. This one is constantly making a list of what they are going to do, but they never get it done – unless you continually nag them. They always leave messes for others to clean up, and they are out the door at 5:00 regardless of whether they’ve finished or not…usually not.

4. The Zombie. These are the ones who think if their body shows up, that’s enough; that their job is to just be present for their shift. No effort, no engagement, no self-directed activity. They are bored from the moment they clock in.

5. The Thief. Obviously, these are the ones who steal your merchandise.

6. The Discounter. These are the ones who find a way to offer unauthorized discounts to customers to make sales. They’ll say they had to price-match, or they ‘ll hide evidence of having used discount codes for customers who did not qualify for those discounts. They then compound their crime by bragging about their numbers, claiming they were generated because the customerslike their service better.

7. The Lawyer. This demon does only what is in their job description instead of understanding that they have to go with the flow.

8. The Busybody. They love to know everyone’s business. And they gossip everyone’s business to everyone… about their employers, other employees and customers.

9. The Arguer. They never like the way you do a task, a display or a sale. They want to do it theirway. They’ll argue to your face that you’re wrong. They’ll argue just to be right.

10. The Phantom. These ones are always texting or taking personal calls while they ignore all of your customers.

11. The Corpse. These are the ones with that deer-in-the-headlights expression when you ask them to do something. They look at you and smile without a nod or indication they heard you. They just stand there. They’d rather be dead than be your employee.

12. The Soulless Plodder. They take forever to clean, stack, organize or price something. Their goal is to stretch out a job for as long as they can, showing just enough progress to say they aregetting it done.

13. The Despot. When the boss is away, they do everything except what they are supposed to be doing; in their eyes they have free reign. They take long breaks, don’t greet customers or do the rest of their job. When they do deal with customers, they are short and rude and given enough freedom, close up early.

14. The Ninja. They are the ones who hide behind the rack, find things to do in the stockroom to keep them off the floor, or disappear as soon as someone enters their section. They would rather be stacking pants, re-pricing or cleaning. They don’t like to talk to anyone…especially your customers.

15. The Distractor. These employees spend all their time preventing other employees from working. No one gets anything done…and that’s fine with them.

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2 Responses to The 15 Retail Employees From Hell. Do You Work With Any Of These?

  1. IHWIR Admin says:

    Thanks for posting this Llia, These are great, Especially ‘the darling’ The untouchable that can do no wrong. I’m sure that every workplace has one.

  2. Ilia says:

    16) The religious freak: if you happen to be religious, God this and Jesus that is all they want to talk about. On the other side, if you are not religious, they will loudly announce they will pray for you and try to convert you every chance they get. If the manager gets on them for harassing you, they will simply find more subtle ways to save your hell-bound soul.

    17) The Darling: this coworker can do no wrong in the eyes of your managers, and they get away with everything, including violating the law. They’re golden in the eyes of your superiors, so any complaints you make will be brushed off.

    18) The Saboteur: if you ever wanted to learn how quickly you can be stabbed in the back, The Saboteur is going to set world records for you! Whether they report the tiniest infraction, outright destroy all of your hard work, or refuse to do their own work and then claim you were supposed to do it, The Saboteur will spread the manure around without a spec of it landing on their pointy wicked witch shoes.

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