20 Soul-Crushing Moments Every Server Dreads -


20 Soul-Crushing Moments Every Server Dreads

1. “This won’t be a problem, will it?”

We all need separate checks and we all need to be out of here in the next 5 minutes… #serverproblems #ServerProbz

2. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

The face I make when a table comes on 10 minutes before closing #serverproblems

3. When people forget you are a human being.

When a guest cuts me off with their drink order when I’m trying to introduce myself lol #serverlife

4. When you check the weather report for the upcoming schedule.

5. The scariest 10 seconds of any shift.

6. When you know they mean well, but you genuinely don’t know if you can muster up another giggle.

There’s always that one comedic genius at every table who says this…#serverproblems

7. “I’ll remember what T.F.H. stands for.” (Literally one minute later: ????!?!??!?!?!)

Chicken scratch & abbreviations. The busier I am the worse it gets. #serverproblems #serverlife

9. When a table says they’re ready, but then asks you to stand there for five minutes as they read the menu in front of you.


10. Feeling like such a creeper when it’s slow.

11. Finding out you’re waiting on this guy.

13. When you have to write a novel in the POS and you’re in the weeds.

My reaction when a customer adds like 100 modifications to their food. #ServerProblems

14. Realizing you’re sporting your unwanted ~signature scent~.

You know it’s been a long night at the social house when… #ServerProblems

15. No, but really, WHYYYY?

Happened to me and I immediately wanted to drop kick an old man skankasaurus in the face #serverlife #bartenderlife

16. When you seriously cannot take the heat.

17. LOL not gonna happen.

Right when you have drinks up, food in the window, quadruple sat, & a line out the door with no host #serverproblems

18. This “threat.”

19. When a table orders something that was 86’d while you were standing there.

20. And waking up, hours after your shift, in a cold sweat.


Sourced from buzzfeed.com

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