23 Walmart Workers Respond To The Company’s Announcement That It’s Raising Its Entry-Level Wage -


23 Walmart Workers Respond To The Company’s Announcement That It’s Raising Its Entry-Level Wage

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announces his company’s wage hike. YouTube
Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announces his company’s wage hike. YouTube

Walmart became a retail giant mainly due to its low prices, which are predicated on low wages for the company’s American workers and even lower wages for the Chinese workers who produce many of its goods under slave-like conditions. When the company’s CEO recently announced that Walmart is raising its entry-level wage to $9 an hour and bumping up all current workers’ wages to at least $10 an hour, many of the company’s currently employed worker bees were less than pleased. Here are some of their responses:


Yayyy, now we will be able to upgrade to the 10pc. Chicken nugget at McDonald’s instead of the 5pc. Movin’ on up to the eastside…. NOT.


It has taken me 8 yrs. to earn $ 3.50 more per hour than my starting wage.


What about those of us who make $9.55 per hour? Now an entry-level maintenance person will be making $.55 less per hour than me. Not happy!!


I could be wrong, but what I get from this is I make $8.95 all I would get is a nickel come April? I basically be making same as a new hire I spent 4 years clawing to get raises to get this far? Will I also get all my raises on top of this or my raises pointless now?


OK Mr. Doug I may sound a little bitter here but after Walmart took my insurance away last month after 24 years of service and now having to pay $570 a month for my insurance… I think I need a big raise right… Ha Ha sure… And my Obama care sucks.


WALMART just CUT the hours of hourly associates and raised the hours of the Assistant Managers. Not one news outlet got it. My friend’s wife has to fire people and then go and cashier for them.


Now if Walmart would make selling USA made products in their US stores a priority. I don’t shop Walmart if I can help it cos they are so intent on selling Chinese and other imports.


You can earn $10+ babysitting. How do corps like Starbucks pay their people well, have a friendly, customer service focused & motivated staff? I don’t have any answers but…is Walmart spinning the new minimum wage laws to make it look like a Walmart initiative? I am a Republican & have low tolerance for gov subsidies like welfare. However, can’t Walmart pay $15 per hour while making a difference in their employees life’s and the USA and still have a financially sound co, with a stable workforce.


Been there almost 17 yrs is my pay gonna go up with the others not fair for someone to come off the street and almost make what I do and me been there that long.


Not gonna lie, been working for Walmart for 6 years and people will be coming in the door next Feb making 15 cents less than what I do. I literally do the work of two associates as a overnight stocker, I know where every item is in the store, and have other stockers bringing me customers every night because I’m the man to go to. I’m over $10, and not capped, and will be getting absolutely nothing from this.


I have worked at Wal-Mart for 27 years in April. I have been capped out for 3 years. I feel that raising the wage for people under the 9.00 without raising my wage is very unfair! Really long time associates are getting the stinky end of the stick! No raise for 3 years and at best 2% raise. people at my store start out at 7.65 that means they will get 1.35 raise. Compare that to my 2% that is really fair!!!!!!! My dedication to Wal-Mart means little. No more merit raises at my store. GREAT!


Walmart is working their assistant manager 12-hour days for 10 days or more straight without overtime during inventory, so store manager can get higher bonus. Is this America; for there is no law against it. People holding these position are looking for ways out after being treated so badly. Dumb move by manager to down grade that position to get free work hours. No bonus earned at the sacrifice of the health and safety of loyal employees will not be blessed. Shame on you managers.


That’s really crappy my husband has worked for Walmart for 15 freaking years he just took a 2 dollar pay cut because the state we moved to had a lower minimum wage and no he gets nothing because after 15 years he is not at maximum …it should not be by how much you make but how long you have been there.


I have worked for Wal-Mart since 2001, I have had many jobs, cashier, unloader, deli manager and now I am a bakery associate, I started out making 6 an hour. I now make 12 the thing that bothers me is the people just hired will be making almost as much as me and I have been there almost 14 years. I don’t know how I really feel about this. I am a dedicated and hard-working person and will continue to be so. Maybe they should think about us already there.


Ok so let me get this straight I’m a 20-year long-term associate that hasn’t reached my cap. I won’t see a raise but a new person can come in and be at $15 in no time. Where’s the incentive for long-term associates?


Wow! I went unheard four years ago when I said this would happen. I worked for Walmart for 13 years until I was bullied into quitting by subpar management. As an assistant manager I believed in Sam Walton’s three basic beliefs. 1. Respect for the Individual 2. Service to our customers 3. Strive for excellence I was forced to leave a store I loved and people I loved working with because the store manager refused to hold an overnight assistant accountable that had 37 unapproved absences.


When merit raises were taken away, and store managers were given more incentive to cut back on hours and wages, our ability to make more than the min, wage increase, on our evals became obsolete. This will be the second time that Wal-Mart management has offered better wages to newcomers. The only exciting thing about us long-termers is when we declare it’s time to move on so five new ones can take our place.


I was terminated in retaliation for filing a worker’s compensation claim against the company and daring to openly protest Walmart’s highly exploitative labor model and unfair wages on the company’s Walmartone site and now they are going to start paying wages conducive to the rate of inflation as I and thousands of others advocated? Oh the irony…


I’m going on 27 years with Walmart and have stayed at the same store. I love working for Walmart, but it would be nice if they raised the cap. I haven’t had a raise in 3 years. The 2 percent is better than nothing I guess. I just think that since we have dedicated our lives to this company the long termers should be compensated a little better. Just because we have decided not to move up we should not be penalized. Thank you.


I been at Wal-Mart for 17 years I hope that y’all are taking our pay in consideration also…when giving the newer people raises!!!! We do not need to be left out when we have been working for the company way longer and deserve one too!!!


I have been with Walmart five and a half years and also I have the same question if you’re starting new hires at $9 an hour and I’m only making $1 more than them, that would hurt my feelings greatly for all the hard work I’ve done..I was a cashier for many years I am now customer service and a backup CSMus longer-term employees would like to be appreciated also this is the company I work for that I chose to work for,


I’m a long-term associate with 27 years with WalMart my thoughts are that there should be retirement health insurance there used to be but it was taken away from us. I feel that there would be more people that would be willing to work for a company that takes better care of their long timers. I’m thankful to work for this company and have advanced many times just want to make sure that the company doesn’t forget us while they are making all these great changes for new and existing associates.


Well I’m one of those older associates that found out yesterday I won’t be getting any raise and it really breaks my heart how some of us are getting screwed …I’m not capped, I will make 25yrs. of service this July I make $14.42 an hr. so that means after my yearly raise I still won’t be making $15.00 an hr. And always had great evaluations plus merit raises in the past!!! Something just doesn’t seem right here!!!!


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