These are the world's weirdest restaurants -


These are the world’s weirdest restaurants

There are some weirdest restaurants to dine in around the world from an aquatic eatery in the Maldives to a Nazi themed restaurant in Indonesia

This is the place to go if you are dead hungry.

A restaurant in Ahmadabad, India, has been built around an old graveyard .

The New Lucky Restaurant features tables scattered around real coffins from the cemetery on which the café was built.

Owner Krishan Kutti decided to preserve the graves rather than ripping them out to make way for his restaurant.

There are some equally weird places to dine around the world, from an aquatic eatery in the Maldives to a Nazi themed restaurant in Indonesia.

Here is a menu full of strange places to dine.

The Modern Toilet Restaurant


Toilet humour: Could you eat your tea out of a toilet BOWL?

Lots of (public) convenience food at this Taiwanese restaurant where all the dishes come in toilet bowls.

When the restaurant was established the only thing on the menu was ice cream.

That’s right- they served chocolate ice cream in those bowls!

Twin Stars Diner


Serving double: Twins at the Twin Stars Diner in Moscow serve the food

Walking into Moscow’s Twin Stars restaurant is like walking into a David Lynch movie.

The food may be run of the mill but the waiters and waitresses are all identically dressed twins.

Owner Alexei Khodorkovsky admits it’s been hard getting qualified twins.


Under the sea: Ithaa in the Maldives cost £3m to build and there are only 12 seats inside

The Maldives is one of the world’s most beautiful spots and this restaurant more than matches it.

Ithaa is set 16ft under the Indian Ocean in a large acrylic dome and you can watch the sea life as you eat.

It cost £3 million to build and only has 12 seats so book early.

The Heart Attack Grill

Wayne Parham

Death valley: The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas holds constant Man vs Food-type challenges

Americans supersize all their food which may account for their obesity epidemic.

But The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas celebrates the nation’s excess by making every dish a Man vs Food challenge.

Diners are given hospital gowns before tucking into the likes of a quadruple bypass burger, made with four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon.

Dinner in the Sky

22 Belgium Diners enjoying the high life
High meals: The Sky High restaurant in Belgium

Belgium isn’t noted for its magnificent scenery.

But they came up with the novel idea of winching 22 diners up in a crane to eat their food 150ft into the air.

Even weirder is that it has been such a success it is now available in 15 countries, including the UK.


GettySoldatenkaffe "The Soldiers' Cafe"

Little Germany: This restaurant may leave a bad taste in the mouth of some diners – it’s a Nazi-themed restaurant

Basil Fawlty once urged his staff at Fawlty Towers not to mention the war to two German diners.

But at the Soldatenkaffee in Bandung, Indonesia, it is at the top of the menu handed to guests by waiters wear Nazi uniforms and on the walls are photos of Hitler, stormtroopers and swastikas.

Owner Henry Mulyana was surprised at the outrage his restaurant caused.

Izakaya Kayabuki

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Especially at Izakaya Kayabuki in Utsonomiya, Japan.

Owner Kaoru Otsuka uses his pet monkeys to serve guests at his restaurant.

The Attendant Cafe

Property prices are sky high in London.

Which may explain why developers turned a Victorian men’s public toilet into a fashionable cafe.

The Attendant Cafe, in West London, still features the original Doulton & Co 1890s porcelain urinals which have been converted into individual booths for people to sit at.

Hajime Restaurant

Sushi on conveyor belts has taken off around the world.

But will robot waiters?

Bangkok restaurant owner Lapassarad Thanaphant invested nearly £650,000 to purchase four dancing robots who serve diners Japanese food.

Le Refuge des Fondus

Quirky food: At this restaurant in Paris wine is served in baby bottles

The French, and especially Parisians, have a reputation of being a little bit stuffy about their food.

But at Le Refuge des Fondus in Paris they inject a little fun into the proceedings.

Along with beef and cheese fondues they serve wine in baby bottles

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