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2 women arrive 22 days before Black Friday sale at Best Buy

Campers Already Out in Beaumont Awaiting Black Friday Deals

Even though the deals for this year’s Black Friday shopping at Best Buy have yet to be released, two women have started their annual camp-out experience in front of a local store.

Vickey Torres of Cabazon and Juanita Salas of Beaumont arrived at Best Buy in Beaumont on Wednesday— 22 days before deals begin for the infamous shopping day on Thanksgiving night.

“We could have started later, but then we wouldn’t be sure to get first in line,” Torres told Patch on Friday, as she and Salas sat under the hot sun in front of the electronics store. “They only get a few items at the cheaper prices and it’s first come, first served.”

Torres and Salas said they’ve each camped out in front of Best Bay for “the last few years.” Each women says they take turns heading home to shower and eat during their stay.

The women said they are hoping to score a good deal on a TV this year.

As for people who might say that what they’re doing is bizarre?

“Some people say we’re crazy,” Torres said— but that doesn’t bother her one bit.


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