8 Retail Workers Who Made the Most of Their Free Time

Everyone should work in retail at least once, if only to get their go-to retail horror story for cocktail parties. From rude customers trashing the dressing room to endless nights of inventory most retail workers have plenty to complain about.

Still, there can be nice moments in the aisles and behind the cash register. Moments when the store is quiet and calm and you suddenly realize what the business really needs is your creative touch.

1. The art store worker who wanted to remind the customers of the fragility of life.

Image courtesy of Reddit, politicaldan

2. The clothing store employee who’s all about the bigger picture (and anime).

Image courtesy of Reddit, Repost_Expirement

3. The sales associate at Gap hoping to land a job at the LEGO store.

Image courtesy of Reddit, zooalien

4. The lonely retail worker who just wants to see more love in the world.

Image courtesy of Reddit, krunchee

5. The toy store worker who hopefully had the presence of mind to whisper “long live the king.”

Image courtesy of Reddit, EnderVViggen

6. The stockroom worker who just got back from her second job as a nanny.

Image courtesy of Reddit, jeezymcfly67

7. The bookstore employee who’s just in a really bad mood.

Image courtesy of Reddit, Stewpid

8. The deli worker who thought the best way to get people to order a pile of ham was to humanize it.

Image courtesy of Reddit, cunth


Sourced from mashable.com