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10 weird frozen foods for only the bravest diners

March 6 is National Frozen Food Day — a day to honor the warriors of the lazy person’s kitchen that tragically never quite receive the respect they deserve.

You can heat up a pizza in a matter of minutes instead of waiting for unreliable delivery or provide snacks at your parties without cooking for your ungrateful friends. Frozen food is simply a miracle.

But sometimes the people responsible for keeping your impatient stomach full fly a little too close to the sun. Check out these questionable frozen foods, and then maybe make some evening plans away from your microwave.


25 Menu Items That Will Make You Say “Thanks, But I’ve Already Eaten”


This gives a whole new meaning to “baby food.”

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That’s not mayo in your tuna sandwich.

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I believe we call that “phlegm.”

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The good news is that it’s the cheapest item on the menu.

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This dish is positively electrifying.

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This certainly isn’t helping the reputation of cucumbers.

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Honesty is not always the best policy.

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The couple that stays together gets sacrificed together.

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Mmmm, tastes just like chicken digest byproduct!

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They did what to my sweet and sour chicken?!

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I’m suddenly very, very hungry.

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Wait, what exactly is in there?!

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If you think font choice isn’t important, think again.

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Just your average hospital eatery.

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“Excuse me, this one is extremely undercooked.”

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This restaurant gives you the opportunity to buy your anti-diarrhea pills ahead of time.

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They serve both thighs and breasts.

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The Long Island Ice Tea is the only selection making me doubt that this is actually a porn menu.

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Thanks, but I’ll do my devil-worshiping at a far more reasonable price.

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Further proof that everything tastes better after being put in a deep-fryer.

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With a little bit of salt and ketchup, you almost forget that you’re actually eating cardboard.

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As it turns out, birds aren’t the only animals that regurgitate their food for their young.

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Something tells me that this is the stuff they put on those tuna sandwiches.

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If your date orders you one of these, throw it on their face and leave immediately.

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10 Foods Available At The Grocery Store That Can Get You High

foods can get you high

YouTube – Alltime10s

Aren’t lucky enough to live in a state where there’s a marijuana dispensary on every corner? Don’t feel like dealing with your neighborhood drug dealer? Then just head to your local grocery store and pick up a few of these food items that have been proven to get a person high.

That being said, you may have to visit a specialty grocery store to grab a couple of these items, but it sure beats risking having to explain to your boss why you got busted for possession.

 Sourced from brobible.com