11 Gross Items Found In McDonald’s Food That Will Make You Sick

We already ate and loved our helping of Mcy D’s today, so we decided to post this after lunch. This has been a bad week for McDonald’s restaurants in Japan. That’s because after costumers found pieces of vinyl in Chicken McNuggets from two different locations, news reports started piling on of previous McHorror Stories. Vinyl McNuggets?   Whatever; everyone knows you only eat Hipster Japanese McNuggets on vinyl.

1. Vinyl Chicken McNuggets

McCustomers in Tokyo and Aomori got more than some nitrates when they ate an order of McNuggets; they got pieces of blue and white vinyl. Record scratch!  Both of the contaminated nuggs came from the same factory in Thailand. At least they are referring to it as “chicken.”

2. A Human Tooth

As if adding “human” to the word “tooth” makes it more horrifying, reports in Japan this week stated that a HUMAN tooth had been found in an order of French fries in August 2014. The restaurant reported that none of the staff at the location had lost any teeth.  Maybe Ronald McDonald is trying meth and losing his teeth?

3. A Piece Of Plastic

If you thought McDonald’s food tasted like plastic well than you aren’t going to want to try the ice cream sundae’s in Japan. That’s because a chunk of plastic fell off the machine and into the soft serve which got served to a 5 year old kid, injuring his mouth. Well that’s one way to get kids to eat healthier; early childhood trauma at a McDonalds.

4. A Metal Clasp

Nothing is better than an Egg McMuffin, some coffee and orange juice for a good old McyD’s breakfast. That’s why the most horrifying thing about this story is that someone at a Kyoto McDonald’s ordered the pancakes.  That and that they found a metal clasp cooked right into it. A little syrup and it might go down good with the sausage!

5. Uncooked Meat

I like my burger cooked medium- rare sometimes when I go to a fancy pants steak house and order the burger like the slob I am. That’s because I know they put cow’s meat in that there burger. However, when ordering off the pink slime menu it’s best to have that alien substance cooked well done.  This customer’s undercooked meat got thousands of retweets  You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Japan?  Raw pink slime with cheese.

6. Dentistry Fillings Metal

In Kagoshima last month a McDonalds served a batch of fries with dentistry fillings metal. Maybe this is the new Happy Meal toy that will help customers who ate a metal clasp or a piece of plastic at one of their locations.

7. A Beetle

No it wasn’t Ringo; an actual beetle was found cooked inside a hamburger in a Chiba, Japan location. Crunchy! As you can imagine not everyone is thrilled with the added ingredients to these fast food favorites. Employees of the beloved burger joint have even taken to calling McDonald’s Japan CEO Sarah Casanova as “angel of death” due to all of the bad publicity. Well, no one has died yet, so don’t oversell this guys! Japanese McDonald’s executives even held a press conference to apologize for all of the incidents.


 “Shame and dishonor” is normally what you feel after you eatMcDonald’s so welcome to the club!

8.  A Cockroach Found Stuck On Bottom Of McDonald’s Hash Brown

This would go nicely next to the metal clasp in the pancakes in Japan; a cockroach was found stuck to the bottom of a hash brown. I guess going into some McDonald’s is more Fear Factor than Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.

9. A Nose Ring

A nose ring was found cooked inside an McDonald’s breakfast burrito in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m starting to think that McEmployees are tired when they get to work in the morning as a lot of these gross items are found in breakfast food.

10. A Rat

This past October we told you about a man in Fredericton, Canada who ordered a cup of coffee from his local McDonald’s only to get a not so happy treat at the bottom of his cup. He drank the entire cup of joe and when he opened the lid he discovered a dead rat in the bottom. Well at least he didn’t spill any on his crotch.

11. Chicken Head


Back in the year 2000, a woman in Virginia bought chicken wings from McDonalds. If you recall they tried serving chicken wings for a while and this might be the reason they stopped. She found a fully formed, battered and fried chicken head in the box.

What is the grossest thing you have ever discovered in your food?

Source from:  Kotaku