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16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

1. The “I can’t decide if I’m a medium or large” customer.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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2. The couple that forgot to leave their relationship drama at home.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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3. The customer who’s in a rush to go nowhere.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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Don’t blame me for your poor time management skills.

4. The customer who abuses the return policy.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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5. The rich kid who spends more in one day than you make in a month.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

“Would you be kind enough to leave enough for my student loans in the tip jar?”

6. The “I’m ready to check out, but let me grab one more thing while you ring that up” customer.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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…so you’re not ready.

7. The customer who asks if every item within arm’s reach is on sale.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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“No sir, for the 80th time, only items with sale tags…ARE ON SALE!”

8. The customer who wants to speak to the manager.

9. The customer who mistakes you for their therapist.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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10. The “Maybe I should take my business elsewhere!” frequent shopper.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

11. The last-minute holiday shopper whose goal in life is to make your shift misrable.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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12. The “I want your opinion. Does this look good on me?” customer.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

If it means you’ll buy it, of course you look great!

13. The sketchy “It’s actually my girlfriend’s credit card” suspect.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

14. The old, polite, yet subtly offensive customer.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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15. The group of friends that’s had one too many.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier

Pleeeeease don’t puke in the fitting rooms! I beg you!

16. The customer who pays in pennies.

16 Types Of People You Meet While Working As A Cashier
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These 27 Cashiers Reveal The Worst Thing a Customer Has Done to Them

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1. A Magical Guilt Trip

One lady tried to pay for $400 of groceries with her sister’s maxed-out card, said “well, it’s not mine, anyway…” then when I couldn’t do anything about it, lined her kids up and said “We’re not eating this week because of this man.”

2. Incorrect Change

As soon as you close the drawer and the receipt prints out –

“OH wait I didn’t mean to give you that 10, I had a 5, can I just get my 10 back and give you this 5? Just open the drawer, give me that 10 bill and I’ll give you this 5. Oh nevermind I have a 20, give me two tens and a five for the 20 and we’ll be even.”

No you absolutely cannot quick change me, I’m not an idiot.

3. No Receipt, No Return

Threatening to call the police after you don’t like our return policy which requires a receipt.

4. The Belt Play By Play

I had this customer once where he would put his items on the belt one by one, look at the price, tell me the price, then say whether it’s expensive or not. THEE most annoying shit in the world, especially when there was a lot of people waiting in line….and I can see the damn price on the computer.

5. The Check-Out Line Is Not A Storage Area

Set some stuff down by the register then go walk around and pick out more stuff. Get all of the shit you want BEFORE you try to pay for it.

6. Yes, Because EVERYONE Does

People with a full cart of groceries saying “Can you believe I only came for milk (or bread) LOL??”

7. This Cash Register Makes Change, Not Time

Spending 20 minutes trying to find exact change when they could easily pay with what they’re holding. Especially when they’re holding up the line. Just give me the fucking money, it takes like 5 seconds for me to give you change back.

8. Dad Jokes

Handing me a $50 or $100 bill, saying, ‘I just printed it this morning!’ HARDIE FUCKING HAR HAR. They must think they’re so clever.

9. You’re Cheating And Everyone Knows It

People who insist on using the express lane with way more than the limit.

10. Lie About Pricing

“Over there it said it was blah blah price.” Walk over and it’s not.

11. Attempts At Haggling

I worked in a small natural food store and people complained about the prices all the time. “YOU KNOW THEY SELL THIS DOWN THE STREET FOR $1 LESS?”


12. Check Writers

I always hated people paying with a check and not having anything filled out while I ring every item up, and then I get to watch them fill in the date, the name of the store, ask me the total, etc. while the line backs up…

13. They’re Actually Destroying Things

Let their kids mash on shit.

14. Please, Please, Just Remember

When you finish ringing them out and they remember they have a coupon. I’d have to return everything and do another transaction.

15. Closed Means I Want To Go Home

My “Checkstand is closed” sign is up, light is off, I explain my register is closed, and the customer ignores me completely and puts their shit on my belt anyways.

This happened to me once and I have hated this woman ever since. She didn’t even look at me. She just literally had her nose in the air the whole time. Like she was hot shit. Fuck you lady. I scanned your most expensive item twice. “Whoops.”

16. Just Handle Your Belongings

Leaving their personal coffee mug/other drinking cup in the basket for me to deal with.

17. And Other Things That Didn’t Happen

Customer buys $900 TV

Customer: I would like to pay in pennies.

Me: 0.01, 0.02…

6 hours later…

Me: 374.54, 374.55…

Customer: Oh this is taking too long, I’ll just use my credit card.


Customer: Problem?

18. Everyone’s An Expert

Giving unwarranted business advice – “you really should….” the business has been running for 15 years. I really dont think I need to take your advice.

19. Do You Even Know How Gross This Is?

Licking your finger then grabbing your bills and handing them to me. Like I don’t want to fucking touch your saliva.

20. Am I The Only One Who Gives A $hit About The Rules?!

When people ask if they can use a coupon after it expired because they forgot… Then my managers accept it anyway. What’s the point of having an expiration date if you’re just going to override it? Like it’s your responsibility to keep track of that shit. It’s two dollars off, you’ll live.

21. Go To A Pawn Shop

Returning clearly worn-off tools way past 30 days and expecting a refund without receipt.

22. The Price Is The Price

When I ring a customer up and they are a couple dollars short and act like they don’t have to pay it. ugh.

23. Wanting Special Treatment

Tell me how long they’ve been coming into the store when something doesn’t go their way. Say an item doesn’t ring up on sale. “I’ve been coming here for 20 years!” Really? Because I’ve lived here my whole life, and I remember when they built this fucking place 10 years ago. Even if they had been coming for 20 years, it’s not as though that’s a magical phrase that means they just get whatever they want instantly.

Or they’ll say “Oh, the other cashier just always does it for me.” in regards to scanning a store rewards card or getting a discount (Both against policy). Well, cool. They can lose their job, but I’m not losing mine, and if the other cashier is always so helpful and gives you whatever you want why didn’t you just go to them?

24. It’s One Penny

I saw a lady at the self checkout today, start a scene because her beansprouts were 99 cents but it’s supposed to be 98 cents, like pennies don’t exist in Canada anymore. I understand principles but this is just stupid. Oh and fuckers that price match the world.

25. It’s Wal-Mart…

One customer argued with me for twenty minutes over a 60 cent coupon for an item she didn’t want, forcing me to apologize to her and everyone else in line for her shitty behavior. When a manager didn’t show up for five minutes, even though I did everything in my power to summon these beings of middle management, she cursed me out and walked away, leaving me to cancel her order.

Another man forced me to say the phrase, “I’m sorry sir, but I can’t accept this coupon because you aren’t buying the proper brand of lube.” Who gets coupons for sexual lubricant anyway? And who buys that shit at Wal-Mart.

People get mad that their filthy, crumpled-up, torn, expired coupons worth less than a flee’s fart are not accepted by our system. They look at me like I’d just strangled their children. I fucking hate whoever came up with this idea of slips of paper that give you meaningless discounts for shit you don’t need.

TL:DR Coupons are Satan’s inventions.

26. The Endless Purses

When women with huge purses spend like a minute repacking their bags after the transaction is finished and I’m just standing there looking back and forth between her and a line of customers staring at us.

27. Why Did You Pick Them Up?

When they approach you, and hand you seven items they’ve decided they don’t want. I work in a home decor store, so item sizes range a lot

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The Ten Worst Things About My Life As A Cashier


Cashiering is probably one of the worst jobs out there – okay, maybe not, but it still sucks sometimes.  You wouldn’t think so, right? Me neither.  I mean sometimes it can be an alright job, but some days I want to take customers and teach them manners – you know, those things your mom taught you when you were six.  That brings me to

#1. When people don’t show common courtesy.  Please – just say please and thank you.  You see, I have this disease called ‘chronic bitch-face.’   This means that unless I am smiling, or making some sort of other face, I look like a bitch.  I know that.  So I try really hard to smile and be nice to people to make their day better even though I hate smiling a lot unless I am really happy (which I usually am anyways, but not always at work).  So if I am making an effort to smile and be nice, why can’t they?   This is how it usually goes.  Me: “Hello, how are you today?” Customers: “How much for two seniors?”  Why not at least say hello?

#2 When people complain about the price.  I DON’T CHOOSE THE PRICES.  Yes, I think that it is a little high, but nobody is forcing you to eat here, I am not taking the money out of your wallet and putting it in the register.  So stop complaining to the cashiers.  If you have something to say, put it in the suggestion box, because I honestly don’t care. 

#3 When old people take too long.   Example:  An elderly couple comes in and they want to give me exact change.  I am okay with that, sometimes I even give people exact change.  The old man looks in his pocket and pulls out every single coin he has and puts it on the counter.  I try to help him, but he is a big boy and doesn’t need anybody’s help.  The line is getting longer and people are looking at me like “hey cashier, why is the line so long?  My time is valuable and I really want to hurry and get into this buffet.  I don’t have 5 minutes to watch this guy count all of his change.”  The woman finally realizes that people are getting impatient, so she decides that she will get out the change.  She lifts her purse up onto the counter and finds every single coin she has and adds them to her husbands.  By now, there is probably 3 or 4 dollars worth of change and they are struggling to find the exact amount.  The crowd is now furious.  After about 45 seconds of trying to count out 14cents, they decide to screw the change and give me all dollar bills.  This was neat because they didn’t waste anyone’s time.

 #4 When old creepy guys flirt with me.

#5 When people quiz me to see if I know where my name comes from.  OMG my name is from Les Miserables?! Thanks for letting me know, you must be really sophisticated.

#6 “Cash back you ask? Well, is it free?” Old people think asking this is hilarious.  It is a simple question.  You would not believe how many people will ask this.  It is not funny, and I only laugh because I will feel bad for you if I don’t.

#7 Guessing if customers are 60 years or older.  The buffet I work at has a senior discount, so if somebody is 60 or older they get 10% off.  Sometimes I give seniors the regular adult price because I am not sure if they are 60 0r not. How am I to know?  Well, here’s an idea: TELL ME YOU ARE A SENIOR.  I am not going to ask you.  That is asking for trouble, and more angry people.  The worst is when I give people the discount and they are only like 5o.  Hit the gym and eat better, then maybe you won’t look so freaking old.  Sometimes it is my fault though, I am not a very good guesser.

#8 Stupid questions.   

A:  “Is the carrot cake healthy?”  

B: “Do I have to wait in line?”

C:  “Can you tell me all the foods that are made with milk?”

D:  “I want to have my wedding here.”  That one is not really a question, I just thought it was funny.

Sometimes after people ask me questions like that, I just look at them like this:

#9 Stupid suggestions.  They say things like, “You need to make the booths bigger, I don’t fit.”

#10 When people think that they know more than me.  I realize that this sounds a little egotistical, but what I mean is that…well,  I know more than them.  They complain that we usually might have this or that, but we don’t.  And I know that they are old and confused but sometimes it makes me want to hit them.  I would never hit an old person, but you probably know what I mean.

Guys, I usually try to be positive, but I needed to vent okay?  Sometimes there are even customers that I like a little.  I guess what i’m trying to say is be nicer to cashiers.  And for all you old creepy guys out there, please leave me alone, you make me uncomfortable.

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