Snake Pops Out Of A Cabinet At Lowe’s Bites Customer On The Head


Imagine you’re hanging out in a nice, dry, safe room away from all the worries of the world. Suddenly, someone throws a door open to the big, scary world. Wouldn’t you want to bite that interloper right on the head? If you were a snake, totally, as one surprised Lowe’s customer found out after accidentally intruding on a snake’s privacy in the store.

A customer shopping at a Lowe’s store in Mississippi got a bite on the head over the weekend, after opening a cabinet and finding a chicken snake passing the time inside, the police chief told The Clarion-Ledger.

WTVA reported that the snake jumped out at that time to take a snap at the shopper.

Though a customer was taken to a local hospital, there was no further information about the shopper’s condition or details the incident from police, though a Lowe’s spokesperson did acknowledge the incident had occurred.

“All I can share is that we’re currently investigating the incident,” she said.

Chicken snakes (also known as black rat snakes, corn snakes or pilot snakes) are nonvenemous, and are usually between three and five feet long. When they aren’t nibbling on people’s heads from a cabinet, they dine on rodents and birds for the most part.

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Sourced from consumerist