This Insane Burger King Receipt Left A Grandmother In Tears

Way to go, Burger King. You made a grandma cry.

A receipt allegedly given to a Virginia grandmother and her daughter-in-law at the drive-thru of a Richmond, Va., Burger King on Saturday called the pair “b***h a** hoes,” according to photos published by CBS affiliate WTVR-TV. A manager on duty apologized when he heard of the vulgar note, but he didn’t refund the meal, said the distraught grandmother, who was in tears over the incident.

A Burger King representative said the company was looking into the incident.

“At Burger King Corp., we have great respect for all of our guests and customer service is a top priority every day at BURGER KING® restaurants,” a spokesman for the company told The Huffington Post in an email. “BKC has recently been made aware of a photo that shows an alleged receipt from a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant that does not comply with our customer service policy. We are working with the franchisee, who is investigating the matter, to determine the origins of this photo.”
This isn’t the first time Burger King has been in hot water over an obscene receipt. Two employees were fired from a California Burger King for printing “f**k you” on a receipt back in 2010.
Yet, not all receipt stories in the news turn out to be legit: A waitress in New Jersey who said a couple had left her an anti-gay note on a meal receipt was suspended from her job after it was revealed that she might have made the whole thing up.