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Here Are 15 Ways Grocery Stores Are Totally & Completely Manipulating You

 “Grocery Store Confessions” sounds like the title to an amazing reality TV show. It’s incredible how we all spend an enormous chunk of time throughout the year at the market and we’re not entirely sure why. Somehow, we always turn a quick trip to buy milk into a $120 run. How do they get us to do that?

These “confessions” will teach you 15 incredible ways grocery stores manipulate you into spending way more money than you thought possible. Seriously, learning #8 alone will blow your mind.

1. Big margin product pairings

Grabbing some chips? Sounds good. But why not get some salsa with it, too?

2. Shelf space is at a premium.

Retailers pay big bucks to have food placed at eye level. Also, they “conveniently” put food for kids on the low shelf for wandering little hands.

3. Manipulating the layout.

Staples like milk and bread are placed in random spots, forcing you to look at a ton of other products before you finally get that gallon of 2%.

4. Reward programs track your spending.

You’ll “conveniently” get coupons for just one more needed item.

5. Deceptive deals get people ALL THE TIME.

Termed “price anchoring,” just because something’s half off doesn’t mean they ever intended to sell it at full price. Don’t forget, “Buy One, Get One Half Off” sale is actually only 25 percent off each.

6. Want to hear that song again?

Slow music is played to in order for you to want to stroll through the store, take your time, and spend more money.

7. Fresh baked sales…err…smells.

At the very least, you’ll now want to buy a baked good. Even worse, you’ll find that you suddenly have an appetite and buy more groceries.

8. Veggie showers make them rot faster.

The added weight also increases the per pound cost at the register.

9. Oversized shopping carts FTW.

As a test, researches doubled the size of grocery carts. The result? Consumers purchased 19% more items.

10. Checkout lanes.

Waiting in that long line deserves a reward, right? The grocers certainly think so.

11. Pre-cut fruits and veggies have insane markups.

For example, a six-ounce bag of shredded carrots costs about five times more than a similar amount of whole carrots.

12. Creative displays and endcaps on full-priced food.

These are rarely on sale, but we’re pretty sure you’ll just have to buy those chips now.

13. Free samples aren’t so free.

These often create an obligation in taste testers to buy something since it was free. Or at the very least, you’ll check out the displayed items near the food you would have otherwise missed.

14. Buying in bulk.

Look at the labeling. Chances are the individual items like pepper are cheaper at Sam’s Club than the 3-packs also sold there.

15. Narrowed aisles.

Stores make their aisles narrow to force you to go down the whole thing. No U-Turns here!

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20 WTF Items You Might Find At The Dollar Store

You definitely get what you paid for.



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23 Crazy/Awesome Thrift Store Finds You’d Pretty Much Have To Buy

The thrift store is truly a place where you can find both the best and worst things in existence.

Thrift shops are no longer just places where people go to throw together their last minute Halloween costumes. These are bastions of forgotten treasures and unexplainable oddities. Granted, a lot of the old school dingy and dusty operations have given way to pretty consignment and high-priced “discount” shops.

If you’re persistent though, you can still find the classic stores, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find amazing items like the ones below. These are just a few of the reasons you should still be hitting up thrift stores:

  • It’s a shirt you just buy and worry about explaining later.
  • This is a bike helmet. Nay, the GREATEST BIKE HELMET.
  • THIS is what makes a house a home.
  • Couldn’t we all use a little more chillin’ with a quadricorn?
  • Shut up and take my money!
  • Who was voted “Most Likely To Catch The Red Dot”?
  • Not cool, Sigmund Freud. Not cool.
  • Whatever position the light switch was in … it’s staying there.
  • Painting of a monkey playing a lute. That’s all. Have a good day.
  • Gah! New horror film coming soon to a theater near you.
  • Poe would probably be a thrift store guy.
  • Calvin & Hobbes meet Han & Chewie. This is a dangerous concentration of awesome. Wear carefully.
  • No, don’t just show people your garden, also scare the bejeezus out of them.
  • Track suits and some great modeling work here.
  • Awesome?
  • Smother yourself with a cloak of irresistibility. (Sorry, literally couldn’t resist.)
  • Sorry, they’re non-purracticing cats.
  • Just wait until they’re pawing left or right.
  • Leave your jokes in the comment section. #TooManyOptions
  • To be fair, the same can be said for him. Takes two to tango.
  • Strange hands on your face. Always a terrific conversation starter.
  • So, you’ve got a huge headless doll collection and nowhere to turn!
  • Bringing sketchy back.