The Secrets Servers Will Never Tell You

1. Non-slip shoes aren’t fashionable, but are absolute lifesavers.

The lovely Shoes for Crews, so unstylish, but so necessary.

2. Personal vehicles are storage places for pens, black books, and straws.

Oh, and of course a couple of wine keys.

3. At the end of the day your clothes reek of food.

25 Secrets Servers Will Never Tell You

What type of perfume is that? Steak?

4. Nobody likes to answer the phone at work.

25 Secrets Servers Will Never Tell You

Lest it be a to-go order.

5. When it’s slow you’ll do anything to pass the time.

It’s better to be busy and making money than dead and doing this.

6. Weekend shifts suck, but they are also when the most money can be made.

A true dilemma.

7. Splitting checks can be an ordeal.

Bachelor’s in theoretical math required.

8. Having a good relationship with the cook is everything.

Having a good relationship with the cook is everything.

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They can move mountains for you when necessary, or make life miserable when you don’t get along.

9. Servers walk more in one shift than most people do in an entire day.

Is there any way to get those steps back?

10. Work always seems to be the busiest when you’re either sick…

25 Secrets Servers Will Never Tell You

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…or hungover.

11. Co-workers are one of the best parts of the job.

Only they can relate to the struggle.

12. Rest and relaxation are hard to come by when working a double.

Get it when you can.

13. Few things are as soul-sucking as rolling silverware.

14. Except maybe side work.

So, many, ramekins.

15. There is never a shortage of one-dollar bills.

If only they were hundreds :(

16. Stacks of black books never stay organized for long.

This almost never happens.

17. Tip outs are necessary, but kind of a drag.

The bussers and expos really do work hard.

18. A note of appreciation can really make your day.

It’s the little things.

19. Mistakes are part of the job.

20. A typical shift diet consists of caffeine, stolen fries, complementary bread, and kitchen mistakes.

And you eat whenever and wherever you can.

21. Pens are always in surplus.

Ninety-nine problems but a pen ain’t one.

22. Few places in the world are busier than a kitchen during a lunch shift.

Thank god for expos and food runners!

23. Nothing is worse than getting stiffed.

Anything but that!

24. It is nearly impossible to keep a uniform clean throughout an entire shift.

I dare you to try.

25. Checks are not a viable source of income.

Most servers only get paid $2.23 an hour, so with taxes and other withholdings, check amounts can be pretty low, or even negative.

Everyone should be a server at least once.

25 Secrets Servers Will Never Tell You

Few jobs can teach you more about interacting with people than waiting tables.

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