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2 charged after Walmart shoppers shot with blowgun

 2 charged after Walmart shoppers shot with blowgun

TOMBALL, Texas – Two Tomball teenagers are facing charges after one allegedly shot shoppers with a blowgun at Walmart.

Two shoppers were hit with metal darts on the morning of Jan. 16 at a Walmart store on Tomball Parkway near Spring Cypress Road.

According to court documents, surveillance video from the store shows a 10-year-old boy getting shot with a dart on the back of his upper right arm as he walked into the store with his mother.

Five minutes later, 72-year-old Eva Cook was shot with a dart in her upper right shoulder blade as she rode a motorized scooter to her car in the parking lot.

“It fell out of my shoulder, it was in my clothes and it fell out. I turned around and saw this thing out of my shoulder,” Cook said. “I shop there all the time, and was just minding my own business and was just in shock.”

According to court documents, when investigators reviewed the surveillance video, they saw a white Nissan extended cab truck near each victim when they were shot. Investigators said they were able to trace that truck to 18-year-old Clay Vittrup.

Investigators said when they talked to Vittrup, he eventually admitted that his backseat passenger, Cameron James Perry, rolled down the window and shot a blowgun at people at Walmart Jan. 16.

Perry, 18, denied shooting a blowgun at shoppers when investigators interviewed him.

Both Perry and Vittrup face aggravated assault charges.

As for injuries, both the boy and Cook are expected to be OK. No one went to the hospital.

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Watch: Video of employee crushed beneath a gas pump

This footage shows the horrifying moment a petrol pump falls on top of an attendant after a car drives of with the nozzle still attached.

Captured on CCTV, the woman – reportedly a petrol station employee – can be seen using the pump as a black car sits parked in the forecourt.

The vehicle is then show speeding off with the nozzle still in is tank, dragging the pump over as she waves for the driver to stop.

It is unclear how badly hurt the victim was following the incident in Dutra at the time of St. Johns Wood , Baixada Fluminense, Brazil.

The top of the pump appears to fall on her head as she lies on the ground.

The video has gone viral since being posted online.

It is not clear why the car drove off while the woman was still using the pump.

The police are reported to be investigating the incident.

Gas pump attacks woman
Fall: The pump is shown tipping over onto the woman


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