Girl Goes To Drastic Measures To Get Out Of Work Experience

A teenage girl on work experience at a shop got so bored of it she took drastic measures to get home early.

We’ve all had that itch of needing to leave before the clock says we can but the 15-year-old clearly couldn’t handle the wait, choosing instead to set fire to the Wilko store instead.

She started the blaze by setting alight some cardboard while she was there during the summer earlier this year.

The incident occurred at lunchtime when the store was busy with customers, and elderly customers were caused distress. The potential for injury to staff and customers was great as the store was consumed by smoke.Nick Gill, prosecuting

Flames spread quickly through the building in Nuneation and several fire crews had to battle to contain it for over half an hour. It is thought that the total damage caused easily passed more than £1 million.

Wilko are said to now be ‘rethinking’ their policy of accepting work experience roles in their shops while the girl who cannot be named said she ‘didn’t think of the consequences.’

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