The Worst Fast Food Employees Of The Year -


The Worst Fast Food Employees Of The Year

Fast food restaurants are tightly controlled operations full of rules and regulations designed to keep customers happy.


But some employees can slip through even the most stringent vetting processes.

We surveyed news stories to find the worst fast food workers of the year.

Some employees took gross photos on the job, while others were accused of harassing customers.

One thing’s for sure — you won’t want these employees making your burger.

The Wendy’s employee who guzzled a Frosty from the tap.

The employee was busted when a photo appeared on Reddit in June that showed him apparently enjoying a Frosty straight from the spout.

The employee was fired. Wendy’s tweeted to call his behavior “unacceptable.”

The Burger King employee who put up a racist “help wanted” sign.

The popular fast food franchise declined to disclose the location of the sign when a photo started making the rounds on the Internet, but told TheBlaze it was posted by a disgruntled employee.

“We have been informed by the franchisee that immediate actions were taken to terminate the employee responsible,” Burger King said in an email.

The Subway worker who allegedly threatened a customer who asked for ketchup on his Philly cheesesteak.

“[The customer] wants ketchup on the Philly cheese steak and I have never put — we don’t even have ketchup at Subway — I’ve never put ketchup on anybody’s sandwich,” Lawrence Ordone, a Subway worker, told local station WFTV.

After that, the customer allegedly “mouthed off” to Ordone and a confrontation ensued. According to the customer, Ordone yelled at him, blocked the door, and threatened to kill him.

Ordone lost his job.

The Burger King worker who tweeted a photo of himself laying on hamburger buns.

The picture showed the employee sprawled out on hamburger buns next to a disturbing-looking bucket.

“How many Whopper Juniors do you think I’ve made?” the tweet said, according to Kotaku. “See if you can figure out it for yourself.”

The employee received a “strict reprimand,” according to Burger King.

The Taco Bell employee who licked taco shells and posted a photo on the Internet.

Taco Bell tracked down and fired the employee after the photo went viral.

In a statement on its website, the company said that the photos were taken during an employee training session and the tacos were not meant to be sold to customers.

“We do not believe these employees harmed, or intended to harm, anyone,” the company said in the release. “But we deplore the impressions this has caused to our customers, fans, franchisees, and team members.”

The Burger King worker whose drug pipe ended up in a kid’s meal.

The pipe was intercepted by the child’s grandfather, who turned it in to police.

Authorities said the pipe belonged to a 23-year-old employee who was hiding it in a kid’s meal box.

The employee told police he hadn’t intended to give the pipe away. He was charged with possession of drugs, according to NBC.

The McDonald’s cashier who asked a customer if her breasts were real.

Jody Marks was buying dinner for herself and her husband at an Australian McDonald’s when she says the cashier began gesturing at her chest and asking if she had plastic surgery, NT News reported.

When Marks and her husband complained to the manager, he suggested it wasn’t a big deal.

Eventually, Marks got in touch with the franchise owner and received free food.


The Subway “sandwich artists” who took photos of themselves violating food.

The two Subway employees were fired after numerous Instagram photos surfaced showing nauseating acts, including a photo of an employee’s genitals on a loaf of sandwich bread and a photo of a bottle allegedly filled with frozen urine.

The employee defended his actions by saying he did it at home, not at Subway.

The McDonald’s manager who allegedly robbed his own restaurant at gunpoint.

The McDonald's manager who allegedly robbed his own restaurant at gunpoint.


Police told The San Francisco Chronicle in September that McDonald’s manager Felix Gonzalez-Becerra “donned a hoodie and used a replica handgun to force an employee to open the safe and hand over an undisclosed amount of cash.”

Gonzalez-Becerra is also suspected of conducting a similar robbery at a nearby McDonald’s, The Chronicle reported.

The KFC employee who licked mashed potatoes.

The KFC employee who licked mashed potatoes.


This KFC employee was photographed licking a mound of mashed potatoes at the restaurant. The picture was posted to a local news station’s Facebook page and garnered more than 2,000 shares and 700 comments.

The employee was fired, and KFC released a statement saying the photo was taken after the restaurant closed and the food was not served.

The Burger King employee who wrote a bitter resignation letter.

The unnamed worker who wrote the letter was “resigning” from his job at Burger King because he was going to law school.

He said he hated the fast food giant and people who worked there, including “my fellow employees that cannot speak the language.”

You’ve seen the worst fast food employees …

You've seen the worst fast food employees ...


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