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Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint, then fired from Papa Johns

AURORA, Colo. – A pizza delivery driver says he was robbed at gunpoint Sunday night, had his car stolen and was then fired from his job at Papa John’s Pizza.

Reza Abolhassani said it was one of the scariest nights of his life.

He says he’d pulled into the condo complex parking lot at 14221 East 1st Drive in Aurora and saw a guy in the window of the landing.

“I thought he was the customer waiting for the pizza,” Abolhassani said. “As I walked up the stairs, two men ran at me, said, ‘shhhh, where’s the money.’”

He said the men pointed a gun at his chest and then his head.

“I just told them, ‘please don’t shoot me. I have a three year old kid,’” he said.

Abolhassani said he called his shift manager to report the robbery and she put him on hold, so he hung up and called police.

Aurora police say the alleged robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and with the victim’s car, a grey, 2006 Nissan Sentra with Colorado plates 861-VBX.

The former delivery driver told 7NEWS that the regular manager called him the next day.

“He asked ‘What happened? Why did you not put your money in the red box?’ which he never gave me.”

Abolhassani said company policy limits the amount of cash that drivers can carry with them. He said the limit is $20. The rest of their money is supposed to be placed in a red box kept at the store.

“(The manager) gave me a box for about week, then took my name off of it and gave it to someone else,” he said.

When asked why the manager did that, Abolhassani said, “I don’t know.”

He said since he didn’t have a box, he kept the money with him and that’s why he was fired.

Supervisors at the Papa Johns on South Chambers near Alameda said they couldn’t talk about the case and referred 7NEWS to corporate.

Corporate did not return our phone call.

Abolhassani said it’s sad that the company wouldn’t give him a second chance.

“They said, ‘I’m sorry Reza. We know you’re a good driver, but we can’t keep you because it’s the policy.’”

Abolhassani says what’s ironic is that the employee who took the order Sunday night cancelled it because it didn’t sound like a ‘legitimate’ order.

“She said the customer was rude and while placing the order, handed his phone off to another individual.”

He said that when the customer called back a second time, the shift manager pushed him to make the delivery.

“She said, ‘they’re regular customers. Just make the delivery,’” he told 7NEWS. “I told her before I left the store, ‘if I don’t come back in 20 minutes, please call the cops.”

Abolhassani said he’s looking for a new job. He said he doesn’t want to deliver pizza late at night anymore.

“I don’t think my wife will let me do that,” he said.


McDonald’s sued for $1.5 million by customer after employee called ‘Angel’ only gave him one NAPKIN with his meal

Webster Lucas claims he was racially abused by a McDonald’s manager

He insists ‘mental anguish’ after the incident has left him unable to work

Alleged row took place at McDonald’s in Pacoima, California, on January 29

Not lovin’ it: Customer Webster Lucas says he was racially abused by a McDonald’s store manager after a row about napkins

A McDonald’s customer is suing the fast food restaurant for $1.5million because he was given only one napkin with his meal.

Webster Lucas claims he is now unable to work because of the ‘undue mental anguish’ and ‘emotional distress’ caused by the incident.

He launched the lawsuit following a row with the store manager at the outlet in Pacoima, California, on January 29.

Tempers seem to have flared after Mr Lucas complained that he had received just a single paper towel with his Quarter Pounder Deluxe.

Mr Lucas, who is African-American, says the he was racially abused by the manager when he went back to the counter to ask for more, according to TMZ.

The employee, who is named only as ‘Angel’ and is said to be of Mexican-American appearance, is alleged to have mumbled something that sounded like ‘you people’, Mr Lucas claims.

Mr Lucas wrote a letter to the restaurant’s manager about the incident in which he complained of his treatment and said he has been mentally scarred.

Flashpoint: Mr Lucas claims he is now unable to work due to the ‘mental anguish’ and ‘emotional distress’ caused by the row sparked when he was given just one napkin with his McDonald’s Quarter Pounder Deluxe, pictured,

He wrote: ‘Good morning, after I received your email I called McDonalds in Pacoima and spoke with “Angel” (store manager) who despite the prior misconduct of his, he again was hostile and unreasonable.

‘I simply don’t understand, and it is sad that I encountered the now-current situation.

‘Thank you, but I don’t think that you will be successful in changing “Angel’s deep-seated attitude towards customers.

‘I am unable to work because of the undue mental anguish and the intentional infliction of emotional distress caused by your employee “Angel” who played around when I asked for the proper spelling of his last name… that I still don’t have. Take care.’

Story from the dailymail.co.uk


Recording of a crazy woman who called 911 because her waffles were served raw…..

Story from the Huffington post.com

A woman called 911 to complain about an incident involving “raw waffles” she was served at a Tampa, Fla., restaurant.

“They gave me some raw waffles,” she tells the dispatcher in the almost-too-good-to-be-true exchange (listen above) posted by Tampa Police.

During the call, she explains the Village Inn server accused her of being drunk when she asked for the charge to be taken off the bill. She says she would gladly submit to a breathalyzer test.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the recording is the patience of the dispatcher, who promises to send cops over to sort out the matter.

The Tampa Bay Times, on the other hand, wasn’t so forgiving: “Do you ever wonder at people’s amazing propensity to do totally stupid things when they have had a few too many drinks?” the outlet wrote.

In the video’s YouTube description, Tampa Police used the waffle 911 audio, recorded near midnight on Jan. 30, to remind Floridians that 50 percent of 911 calls are non-emergencies, a ratio that compromises the dispatchers’ already difficult job.

Sourced from huffingtonpost.com