11 Absolute Worst Things About Being A Grocery Store Bagger


1. Getting groceries sent down the belt in completely random order

Unless, of course, you want your tomatoes with the dog food

2. Flimsy, worn, and (mainly) rotten smelling reusable bags

Saving the earth isn’t saving my nostrils

3. Being asked to use plastic when you’re already bagging in paper

half of your groceries are sacked, AND THEY WILL STAY IN PAPER

4. Having the customer stare at you intently while you bag

Is this anti-diarrhoeal for you? We can both judge

5. “Can you double-sack that?”

Don’t get me started about triple-sacking

6. Dropping things

“Clean-up on register 5” everyone stares

7. People who insist on sacking the groceries themselves…

…so you just stand there and watch

8. Overhearing people talk about the way you’re sacking

9. Asking someone if they want a carry-out and instead they take the basket and leave

10. Having to stuff sacks in a full or cluttered car


11. Carrying out an order and awkwardly waiting for a tip

And about 10 seconds later, you accept the empty ‘thank you’

Sourced rom Buzzfeed.com