16 infuriating things about working in retail

WORKING IN RETAIL can be really tough.  Yes, there are days when your co-workers are sound and your customers are lovely, but all too often that is not the case.

Sometimes people are jerks, sometimes your boss needs to get stuffed and sometimes the job is a pain.

Here are 16 infuriating things about working in retail.

People trying things on just for a laugh


Oh yeah.  Go ahead, have your gas craic trying on loads of stuff.

It doesn’t matter that I’ll have to tidy it all up, put it on hangers and put it out on the floor again.  As long as you have your fun!

People carelessly pulling apart your carefully folded piles of clothing





No matter what shop you work in, no matter what kind of security you have, you will know the shoplifters, and they will be a pain in the ass.

Customers shouting at you over things that have nothing to do with you


I’m sorry that the article of clothing you purchased in an entirely different shop didn’t work out for you, but kindly stop spitting in my face!

Power hungry managers


They should never have been allowed to be in charge of anything, let alone you.

Being forced to do pointless things by your boss


Purely so they can wield the aforementioned power.

People trying to return things that had clearly been worn


It’s covered in makeup and it stinks of cigarettes.  Do they think you’re stupid or something?



Every day, you are forced to spend ages arranging clothing in order of size, only for it to be immediately messed up when customers got involved.



Not only do you have to work, but you have to work the busiest, most panicked, hectic days of the year.

Customers who ignore the fact that it’s past closing time


They don’t care that the shop just closed, they want to try on 17 items.

Staff meetings



Not being allowed to use certain lifts/escalators/entrances



God forbid that a customer should see you using the same doors as them.  They might forget for a moment that they’re better than you.

People leaving their rubbish in the changing rooms


People are gross.

Having to watch people buy lovely things while you scramble together pennies to buy a sandwich


It’s tough.  It just is.

Pointless tasks foisted on you simply because you’re not allowed to stand still


People who shout at you about consumer law when they clearly haven’t a notion


Do you work in retail?  Do you need to vent?  Tell us about your pain in the comments.


Sourced from dailyedge.ie