Shit Only Baristas Will Understand

If you’ve worked in the land of coffee, you’ll know how we feel. It’s a lonely world full of scowling zombies who haven’t had their fix, nicknaming the regulars and being grateful for people with manners. The fresh smell of coffee gets old real fast and all your left with is stained hands and sore feet. Baristas unite, you’re essentially supplying people with one of the only legal drugs left in the world. Go us!

The sick feeling you get when your alarm going off in what feels like the dead of the night and having to drag yourself out of bed and out the door while it’s still dark.


Your friends whatsapp group starting to come alive 4 hours after you have because their jobs start at civilised hours.

Opening up the coffee shop with whoever is scheduled on with you and having a mutual understanding that there is no conversation before the coffee machine is turned on, functioning and you’ve both had your ‘hit’.

Having to clean the milk fridge is gag inducing.

How difficult it is to maintain your manners when someone orders while their on their phone.

The fact that most of your regulars have secret nicknames with your co-workers like ‘soy cap guy’ and ‘bitchy flat white’ (Actual nicknames)

“For here or to go?” is something that rolls off your tongue quicker than your name now.

During quiet times you’ve experimented by putting a chocolate bar IN a croissant and then toasting it, only for a customer to come up while your mouth is full and you can’t fully enjoy your majestic creation.

Being able to put on your own iPod playlist makes the day so.much.better.

You value the people who are patient and considerate more than they will ever know.

You are guilty of giving that total bitch “fat” instead of “non fat” because fuck her.

There are some customers that no matter how many times they tell you, you will just never remember their name and you feel really bad about it.

There is no better feeling then getting home after your early shift and having the majority of the day left to do whatever you want while your friends are still in work for at least another 3 hours.

The walk to work while the sun is rising and the world is still asleep can sometimes be incredible and you wonder why you’d do anything else.

Sourced from Collegetimes