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WATCH: Crazy Customer at Walmart — DON’T Do Drugs

The above video was shot by a dad as he and his toddler were picking up some items at Walmart. Thanks to the shopper’s trusty Smartphone we have the opportunity to see firsthand why never to give drugs a try.

While we find this video strangely entertaining (and very sad), we’re not quite sure it was a good idea for a father carting a toddler to follow the meth user around.

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Angry Little Kid Trashes Dollar Store

Submitted by Stephen Abrahamson on the I Hate Working In Retail Facebook Page

I’m sure what sparked this kid’s desire to completely ruin everyone’s day at this Dollar General, but he was pretty effective. He moves through, dumping items on the floor and trying to fight anyone who stops him with the kind of cold determination that you usually only see in slasher movies.

The commentary makes the video, though. If it wasn’t for the commentary, I’d just be yelling at my computer, begging someone to beat his ass from start to finish. The commentary is there to provide a little smile this and soften the blow of it being another vertical video.

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Police Arrest Kohls Shopper Accused Of Masturbating


Shopping can already be a stressful experience in the holidays, what with people racing to grab the best deals, filling up parking lots and elbowing each other in the Frozen aisle. But police say one Kohl’s shopper upped the bad shopping experience ante when he wandered around the story earlier this week, private bits out and masturbating as he strolled.

Police in Illinois were called to the department store around 4:30 p.m. one afternoon,, after other shoppers reported seeing his exposed genitals as he pleasured himself on a walkabout around the store.

The suspect fled before police arrived and ran toward a Popeye’s nearby, but cops caught up with him when he tried to board a bus.

Officials arrested the 21-year-old and charged him with one count of public indecency/sexual conduct, noting that he was stopped for a similar incident inside a Marshall’s store in the area in October.

At least he didn’t involve any stuffed animals in his alleged acts of grossness.


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