19 Staggering Supermarket Fails

1. The charming dinner option.

The charming dinner option.

2. The rude bakery aisle.

The rude bakery aisle.

3. The ruder bakery produce.

The ruder bakery produce.

4. The needy fruit aisle.

The needy fruit aisle.

5. The suspicious yoghurt.

The suspicious yoghurt.

6. The strange delicacy.

Finally found what I’ve been searching morrisons for!!1!1

7. The TMI note.

I can’t work out which bit of this sign in @Sainsburys is the funniest (HT @gpomph)

8. The post-apocalyptic biccie.

@TobyonTV: Here’s the 24th century coffee – you bring the Waitrose post-apocalypse range of biscuits. ” Brilliant.

9. The nuanced holiday spread.

Good to see Waitrose covering both ends of the Halloween market:

10. The drunk sign.

Hey, @Tesco, just seen your new opening hours sign. What does is actually mean?

11. The unusual flavour combination.

12. The suggestive sausage.

It’s not just horse meat Tesco are dealing with

13. The illegal sale.

They’ve got some great deals going on at Morrisons…

14. The honest sell.

The honest sell.

15. The opportunistic shelf-stacker.

A most interesting example of creative shelf stacking in Sainsburys Pinner!

16. The fancy snack.

What’s the difference between ‘biscuits’ and ‘everyday biscuits’?@morrisons

17. The disgruntled customer.

Fairly ordinary day, if you ignore the fact that I saw a chicken trying to get into the Co-op.

18. The apologetic note.

Love this honest note on the window of The Co-op in Redhill

19. The terrible mistake.

The terrible mistake.