Dear Customer

Taken from the I hate Working in Retail Facebook Page

Dear Customer – I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that you had such an important phone call while you were shopping today. I am so very sorry that you had such a long, long line behind you, impatiently tapping their feet as you giggled and shouted into your phone. I apologize for being too fast for you, because I KNOW that phone call was SO important (I really should have taken my time). I understood when you repeatedly “shushed” me after I had told you your total and asked you politely to slide your card. Thank you so much for making my times go up, and for leaving me to deal with at least ten pissed off people after you. Thank you, so much. Because that really made my night. Oh, and also, to the lady asking me what size her six “almost seven” year old would wear- what? Just…are you retarded? ‪#‎fuckretail‬

Today at 4:04am