22 Things That Only People Who Work Night Shifts Will Understand

When we all lay down to sleep at night (for those of us that go to bed at a reasonable time), the other half of the country begin their days. Night shifts are difficult to do on a regular basis as it completely messes up literally every other aspect of your life; or what life you have left.

If you’re a night shift worker, or a shift worker in general, some of these things will definitely relate to you.

1) You never know what day of the week it is. Even when someone tells you what day it is, you’ve forgotten about ten minutes later.

2) Your blood is basically Red Bull and Monster now. What is water?

3) You’ve become a pro at giving people who say they’re ‘tired’ evils.

4) Your friends thing that your life is sweet because you can pretty much do whatever you want during the day.

5) Whenever you’re awake, it’s dark. You might catch an hour of sunlight before work during Summer.

6) You miss every exciting event because you’ll be working. You haven’t attended a birthday, work night out, Christmas party or family dinner since you started.

7) People get mad at you for missing said events. D*cks.

8) Sleeping in a succession of naps is totally normal to you.

9) Getting judged by parcel delivery or door to door sales people for being in your pyjamas at 4pm.

10) You’re ALWAYS hungry. Is it snack time yet?

11) You have to deal with very little electricity and central heating when you are at work. Layers are everything.

12) You’d look weird without bags under your eyes.

13) Constantly having to convince yourself you’re not an alcoholic for wanting to drink at 7 in the morning.

14) You’re an expert at blacking out windows.

15) You always miss out on all the inside work jokes because you’re a lone ranger and never get to see anyone.

16) Seeing places in daylight does not compute with your brain.

17) You can only do your shopping at 24hr supermarkets.

18) You have an unspoken allegiance with every other night shift worker you might see on your travels.

19) Trying to sleep when the rest of the world is awake is impossible. Why are they SUPER LOUD all the time? No one needs to cut their hedges at this time of day.

20) You never have breakfast food anymore.

21) Your work thinks it’s acceptable to call you in the middle of the day to confirm your hours with you. WHEN YOU’RE ASLEEP!

22) The only things you do are work and sleep. It’s a vicious cycle.

Sourced from ladbible.com