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REMINDER: Sears Is Still A Retail Superpower. Take a look at the Map


Sears frequently makes headlines for its tumbling stock price and falling sales.

But despite many store closures in recent years, Sears and its discount chain Kmart still have an insane amount of locations.

Morgan Stanley is out with its latest retail “Atlas” which shows the breakdown of various retailers by geography.

Their Sears and Kmart map shows that despite the doom-and-gloom headlines, the retailer is still quite powerful.

Sears and Kmart have more than 1,000 locations each, for a total of nearly 2,500 stores. For comparison, competitor Macy’s has 843 stores.

Here’s the map.

sears kmart store locations map Morgan Stanley


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Sears Employee Fired After Racist Remark Caught On Video. please view and share!!!

Winnipeg, Canada – Thanks to Facebook user Ethan Frobisher who posted the video on Saturday. It showed a Sears employee in Winnipeg saying to a customer, “Let me guess, you came off the boat?”
Ethan Frobisher, the person who posted the video, said the employee asked the customer to remove his child from a riding lawnmower on display at the Sears location in the Polo Park Shopping Centre, saying it was not a toy.

The employee can then be heard asking the man, “Let me guess, you just came off the boat?“

The customer immediately demanded a store manager, “That’s racist. It’s discrimation. I want him fired.“

As the customer was speaking to the store manager, the employee kept addressing the customer and the customer lost it.

Sears spokesman Vincent Power initially confirmed the employee was suspended. But late Monday, he said the majority of the company’s investigation was complete and the employee had been ”terminated.”
Frobisher removed the video from his Facebook Tuesday but has kept the video available on YouTube.

An employee at this Winnipeg Sears store was suspended after a racially-charged exchange with a customer was caught on video and posted online has been suspended

Source: CBC News.