Walmart Now Extends Its Roll-Back Prices To Caskets And Urns

Walmart has over 11,000 stores in 27 different countries. Over 2 million employees work for the retail chain. The company even holds the current record for the world’s largest company revenue in the world, making it one of the most successful businesses ever. Chances are you’ve had a long, tenuous relationship with Walmart (unless you live in New York City).

Recently, Walmart extended this love/hate accord to the grave. That’s right: Walmart now sells caskets. While the average coffin for your loved one will set you back a little more than $2,000, most of Walmart’s coffins are far less.

Walmart: Save money. Live better. Die better.

“Soulful Peace Brass” Urn, $95.74.

“Official MLB Baltimore Orioles” Urn, $2,459.

Where a lot of self-hating Baltimoreans wanted to be after losing to Kansas City.

“Old Glory” Urn, $104.70.

“Star Legacy Blue Tapestry Dome” Casket, $759.

“Official MLB San Francisco Giants” Urn, $599.

Hopefully, Dad saw the Giants in the last series before this happened.

“Wings of Freedom” Urn, $35.26.

“Midnight Blue” Casket, $1241.82.

“Floral Elegance” Casket, $1554.17.

“The Official Vatican Observatory Foundation Mahogany” Casket, $3799.

Walmart and the Pope. A most holy alliance.

“Prestige Popular Casket, Cherry,” $1549.

I would assume they don’t sell these in store. I wouldn’t like that I’d be able to pick up coffins for my wife and I at the same place I can buy my toilet paper and Fritos. Or maybe it’s really convenient. Regardless, I’m not ready to decide

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