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The World’s Weirdest McDonalds Locations

MWacky Maccy’s! From a spaceship in New Mexico to a ski-lodge in Sweden, we look at some of the most unusual McDonald’s restaurants from around the world

Outlets vary from spaceship in Roswell, New Mexico to a street-food Bollywood eatery covered in movie posters

The menu’s are different too: You can order the McPaneer wrap in India and a luxury pulled-pork burger in Japan 

McDonald’s supplies around 68 million customers every day across 35,000 outlets based in 119 different countries  


It is globally recognised as the safe option for any weary traveler who fears the local cuisine may unravel their sensitive stomach.

But it transpires that McDonald’s restaurants are not all as similar as once thought.

The cosmic outlet in Roswell, New Mexico – appropriately designed to look like a spaceship – is world’s apart from the one in India that sells local delicacies from a restaurant embossed in Bollywood posters.

More conservative eaters will be comforted by the presence of a Big Mac on every menu but there are also chances to experiment with watered-down versions of regional favourites. 

It would be difficult to bring in 68 million daily customers in 119 countries, across 35,000 outlets and an annual revenue stream of over £18billion without considering cultural differences – and stereotypes.

So you can ski up to a warm looking lodge for your McNuggets in Lindvallen, Sweden or enjoy a lakeside view under the mystic hills of Yangshuo in China.

And the Camembert croquettes in Morocco, spicy paneer wraps in North-East India and a pulled pork burger in Japan that takes four hours to prepare could be proof that not all McDonald’s are made equal. 

Out of this world: The McDonald’s restaurant in Roswell, New Mexico – the site of an alleged UFO crash-landing in 1947 – is rather appropriately designed as a neon space ship

The boss: Don’t be fooled by the humble appearance of this McDonald’s restaurant in the Old Delhi district in India, that serves up regional delicacies such as the McPaneer wrap and

Scenic: The Golden Arches seem out of place against the majestic hills in the picturesque village of Yangshuo in Southern China (pictured)

Ski-stop: The snowy resort in Lindvallen, Sweden houses the world’s first ‘ski-thru’ where customers can slope up to the counter before hitting the pistes again

Happy house: This outlet in Dallas, Texas looks like a giant Happy Meal box with giant sculptures of French fries, Big Mac’s and Ronald McDonald plastered all over it

Trendsetters: The McDonald’s in Japan (pictured) has moved with food trends in the country, serving dishes like the Chicken Tatsuta Burgers and Fillet-o-Ebi which contains rosemary and hibiscus tea

Historic: You cannot order a pint of Guiness in the McDonald’s outlets in Dublin, Ireland (pictured) but you might mistake the beautiful building for a local museum

Modern: This hip-hop themed McDonald’s in Seoul, South Korea serves a ‘good luck’ Bulgogi burger with special Korean spicy Mayonnaise

Viva capitalism: Prague’s Museum of Communism (pictured) which has immersive workshops, an interrogation room and historical schoolrooms also houses the fast-food chain below

Restoration: Try to spot the discreet McDonald’s sign in this restaurant set in an 1850s colonial house in Freeport, Maine which was once owned by a sea captain

Golden columns: This former bank in Kristiansand, Norway used to deal with nuggets of gold, not chicken breast

Mirage: Views of sand, sand and more sand is what greets diners at the Negev Desert branch in Israel that does brisk business with tourists passing through the desert on their way to Israel’s resort towns

Barstow Station McDonald's is set in refurbished passenger rail cars and has a towering sign on the water tower for those who might just miss seeing the outlet

Throwback: Barstow Station McDonald’s in California is set in refurbished rail cars and has a towering sign on the water tower for those who might just miss seeing the outlet

Keeping it green: What’s the difference: The Golden Arches were painted green in keeping with Sedona, Arizona’s zoning ordinances, meaning company had to build a restaurant that blended into the natural setting

It’s a McTakeoff: The 20-seater McDonald’s housed in a vintage luxury DC-3 plane with red and silver interior seats

Iconic: The colonial era McDonald’s, set in a 19th-century Georgian mansion in Hyde Park, New York which local activists saved from being razed by petitioning to give it secured landmark status

Artistic: The Art Deco McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia comes with a retro dining room and neon lights. The building was once the United Kingdom Hotel and was designed by architect James Hastie Wardrop

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Cop rushed to hospital after drinking McDonald’s iced tea laced with heavy duty CLEANING FLUID

An Indianapolis cop stopped at a local McDonald’s to grab an iced tea before going on shift

After taking a big gulp his throat started to burn down into his chest and he spit out the tea 

He became violently ill and was taken to hospital where he stayed overnight before having an endoscopy the next day

Poison control determined the tea contained a heavy duty degreaser

The owner of the McDonald’s restaurant has said ‘We take this claim very seriously and are looking into the matter’

On the night of the incident the manager offered him another tea

A clean-living Indianapolis cop wound up in hospital after taking a gulp of iced tea that turned out to be contaminated with cleaning chemicals.

Before going on shift on Saturday night at about 10pm, Reserve Officer Paul Watkins stopped at an Indianapolis McDonald’s for a self-serve tea.

As usual he filled his cup half with unsweetened tea, but before filling the rest with sweet tea he noticed the tea looked dark.

He took the lid off the dispenser but decided that all seemed OK.

‘He filled his cup and took a big gulp and immediately his throat started burning down into his chest,’ his wife Jerilyn told ABC News.

Before going on shift on Saturday night, Reserve Officer Paul Watkins, pictured with his wife Jerilyn, stopped at a West Indianapolis McDonald’s for a self-serve tea, and ended up becoming violently ill

After he spit out the tea and told staff, the manager explained that employees had put cleaning liquid into the dispenser but had forgotten to put a cup over the nozzle

Watkins spit out the tea and immediately told staff at the counter that something was wrong.

The manager explained that employees had put cleaning liquid into the dispenser but had forgotten to put a cup over the nozzle, according to Jerilyn.

Jerilyn was not with him at the time but he called her from his police car, told her the story, and said he felt as though he just drank bleach.

Officer Watkins then became violently ill.

He called the police station and poison control, who determined that the tea dispenser was filled with a heavy duty degreasing chemical, according to the police report.

Watkins spent the night at IU Health Methodist Hospital and underwent an endoscopy the next day.

He still has problems swallowing, experiences a burning sensation in his throat, and is concerned about the long-term effects of having ingested chemicals.

‘My husband has never drank, never smoked, never done drugs,’ said Jerilyn. ‘This is just insane.’

Officer Watkins is concerned about the long term effects of ingesting the chemicals. ‘My husband has never drank, never smoked, never done drugs,’ said his wife Jerilyn

Poison Control determined that the tea dispenser was filled with a heavy duty degreasing chemical, according to the police report of the incident

McDonald’s has its own brand of degreaser solution for cleaning its restaurants

Elizabeth Henry, the owner of the McDonald’s on 38th Street where Watkins was served, issued a statement: ‘Serving my customers safe, high quality food and beverages is a top priority at our restaurants. We take this claim very seriously and are looking into the matter.’

A similar incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Muncie, Indiana, in 2013. A teenager has since filed a law suit, to which McDonald’s must respond by the end of March.

Sam Jacobs, Watkins’ lawyer, has said that he has not yet filed a law suit on his client’s behalf and hopes that he is able to work out something with McDonald’s before doing so.

‘He never wants this to happen to anybody else,’ Jacobs said.

Referring to the night of the incident, Jacobs said: ‘The irony of this all was that manager asked Paul if he wanted another cup or glass of tea and told one of the employees, “Hey, get this guy another tea”.’

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Watch This McDonald’s Worker Trash Everything In Sight

We’re not sure why this McDonald’s employee in St. Paul, Minnesota lost his sh*t and trashed everything behind the counter in a very public and graphic meltdown (language NSFW). I mean, McDonald’s is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, right? Or is that Disneyland? At any rate, this video is nearly two minutes of screaming and smashing and the sounds of glass breaking before the manager finally asks another employee to call 911. Uh, excuse me? HOW HAS NOBODY CALLED 911 YET? In fact, the employees are all just kind of standing around like this is a weekly occurrence or something.

The only thing I can really make out of the whole tirade is that he seems to keep screaming about his money or paycheck or something. Maybe they offered to pay him with lovin’?


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