What are the worst Food Retail Uniforms

HotDog on a Stick

Easily the most legendary of ugly uniforms, the chain with the best name saddles its employees with the worst duds – yellow, red, blue and white striped shirts, with similarly striped short-brimmed caps.
(Image via Hot Dog on a Stick)

Sonic Drive-In

The blue-and-red polos are bad enough, but then there’s the awkward spectacle of watching local high schoolers navigate actual moving automobiles, while on roller skates and Rollerblades, just to bring you chili cheese tots.

(Image via Sonic/YouTube)

McDonald’s and Burger King

Take it from a former servant of the King: From ankle to shoulder these things feel like sandpaper. (Image via McDonald’s)


A lot of 12-year-olds swear these are the “BEST. UNIFORMS. EVER.” But then 12-year-olds are known to have a notoriously unreliable fashion sense.

(Image via Hooters)


A restaurant chain best known for customers named “Grandma” and “Grandpa” features outfits best worn by “Grandma” and “Grandpa.”

(Image via Friendly’s)

Anywhere That Makes Employees Wear a Visor

This combines the indignity of getting yelled at by a stranger for accidentally hitting “3” instead of “2” on the register with the shame of dressing like a golf pro, circa 1995.


A lot of chains take great pains to make their managerial staff distinctive. Applebee’s puts them in orange button-downs.

(Image via Applebee’s)

Johnny Rockets

Pop quiz: Who wears clip-on bow ties while working in the mall space between Delia’s and Spencer’s? These unfortunate folks.

(Image via Johnny Rockets)

Heart Attack Grill

These are the worst uniforms of all time, right? They’ve gotta be. At the very least, they seem unsanitary.

(Image via Heart Attack Grill)


These uniforms represent a school of thought that says, “Our employees are not humans, they are walking, talking billboards.”

(Image via Domino’s)