These Servers Tell Thier Restaurant Horror Stories

Ban customers everywhere

  1. A woman got so drunk, she peed herself in the booth she was in...<br />
and fell asleep ...
  2. We had a customer who came everyday to masturbate in the toilets and then eat when he was done ...
  3. My old boss collecting up unused milk from the open milk jugs even if it had bits in and he's make the custard with it
  4. I work at a pretty rowdy bar and one night I was collecting empty glasses and found a torn piece of ear in a glass - someone must of grabbed the person by the ear and got stuck to the earring.
  5. I found a dirty diaper hidden inside a pile of plates. Put my hand in it.
  6. I found a thong under my table I was serving one time... they never came back for it.
  7. I worked at a restaurant where if a customer didn't eat their roll they wanted us to put them back in the bag.
  8. A mom changing her baby on one of the restaurant front of other diners
  9. Finding dead bugs in the ice. I almost threw up.
  10. Cleaning up spit cups from chewing tobacco
  11. I had a customer lift his leg up on the table & start clipping his toe nails...
  12. ketchup all over the wall
  13. A woman pulling sweaty bills out of her bra
  14. Had a guy offer me $20 to warm a shot between my legs

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