Times When Walmart Didn’t Disappoint -


Times When Walmart Didn’t Disappoint


1. When this woman somehow got glued to a toilet seat.

2. When this awesome parking job happened.

3. When this sign for fasteners came unfastened.

Oh, the irony.

4. When this customer saw clouds for the first time, apparently.

5. When some employee thought pumpkins were watermelons.

6. And when another employee — maybe the same one! — thought cantaloupes were also watermelons.

7. When they erected this awesome ball pit and didn’t let anyone to play in it.

It’s the saddest of times. :(

8. When this pair of DTF panties showed up.

9. When the entire police force hung out in the parking lot.

10. When these style twins came to shop.

11. When this cake message was written.


12. And when this other equally awesome message graced the shelves.

“And underneath that, I’d like it to read…”

13. When this baby straight-up chilled on the checkout belt.

14. When this price drop happened.

15. Or when these shirts went on sale for their original amount.

16. When someone thought baseball and football were the same exact thing.

17. When these cookies got a bird decoy to protect them.

18. When we met the world’s longest man-tail.

19. Followed by the world’s largest skidmark.


20. When extreme caution was taken to secure these mop buckets.

21. When this mom found a changing room.

22. When we met a new kind of bra.

23. And when Walter White turned the bathroom into a meth lab.

Well played, Walmart. Who knew you had it in you?


sourced from buzzfeed.com

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