21 problems only retail staff can understand -


21 problems only retail staff can understand

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A new law should be put in place: ‘Before you can complain about your retail experience, you have to work in it first’. People who’ve never worked in a shop simply can’t get a handle on what an absolute ballacheit is. There are some good things about it, the camaraderie, the staff discount…that’s probably it.

To be fair, no two days in retail are alike, every day comes with a new raft of problems to deal with. So when you’re settling down for a 9-hour shift on checkouts, take comfort in the fact that you’ll probably be facing a fresh bunch of idiots than every day. Yippee.

People complaining about how expensive things are


Then trying to haggle with you


Being the only one on tills when there’s a mile‒ long queue


…next please.

Pretending to be sorry when you really couldn’t care less


Having to stay after the shop shuts because some idiot can’t decide what to buy


People misusing the phrase ‘false advertising’


If an item has the wrong price on it, there’s no legal obligation for the store to sell it at that price. It’s not false advertising, it’s just human error, all they have to do is correct the price.

People asking you if they have ‘it’ in stock in another store


Being late for your lunch because some other chump was late for theirs


Having to deal with the capitalist riots that are sales


Looking high and low for a barcode you know doesn’t exist


Dealing with head office under any circumstances


Having your cheery greeting met with utter indifference


Hearing the ‘I just printed it this morning’ joke for the millionth time when checking a £50 note


Being blamed by a customer for their own inability to read several VERY clear signs indicating that this is a cash‒ only till


Checking the rota and seeing you’re down for Sunday…again!


Doing a short shift that feels like a full day


Seeing that regular pain‒ in‒ the‒ arse customer walk through the door


Customers thinking they know more about YOUR JOB than you


Being called by your first name and getting thoroughly creeped out


Having to maintain composure in the face of overwhelming stupidity or rudeness


You know what? Customers. Customers are the problem

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