1. You don’t tip.2. You order all waters.. with lemon.

3. If it’s free, you want more (i.e. chips & salsa, bread..)

4. You don’t ask for everything at once. Don’t make your server make FIVE trips to the kitchen for FIVE different things.

5. You don’t tip.6. You stare blankly when you are asked to order. If you need another minute say so, if you’re 7. ready say what you want.

8. You don’t speak English. Your server can’t take your order, if they can’t understand you.

9. Your kid is crying. Take them outside.

10. Your kid is rude. Teach them some manners.

11. You’re rude. Learn some manners yourself.

12. You modify everything in every dish you order. The dishes on the menu are there for a reason. They’re good the way they are. So unless you have a food allergy just leave it alone

13. You act like you have a servant, instead of a server.

14. You pay with a $100 bill, and then you don’t tip.

15. You ask for change, and then leave it as a tip. It takes a lot of time to make exact change, so if you don’t need it, don’t ask for it.

16. You make awkward jokes. Your server doesn’t want to make small talk, they want your order.

17. You say you’re ready to order, but you aren’t. Instead you ask everyone else what they are getting, ask 10 questions, look over the menu one last time, then you are ready.

18. You ask a million questions about every dish.

19. You are cheap.

20. You don’t notice the 10 tables around you that your server is clearly busy with.

21. You don’t tip.

22. You seat yourself. The host is there for a reason, let them do their job.

23. You eat your dish, and then complain about it. If you don’t like it speak up during one of the many times your server checked on you. Not after it’s finished, then expect to get it taken off the check.

24. You’re on your phone.

25. You order anything made table-side. Then while your server is making it, you ask if it’s a pain. It obviously is, but you know it would be rude to say so.

26. You complain about everything. Your server can’t control everything. And they don’t want to hear how unhappy you are, because honestly they don’t care.

27. You don’t tip.

28. You sit at your table, long after you’re done eating. For every hour you sit there, you are costing your server a tip they could have received from another table.

29. You expect service after you’ve paid. If your check is closed, don’t expect refills or constant check ups.

30. You hit on your server. Not interested.

31. You ask for separate checks. It’s a pain. If you are coming with a group, be prepared to make an easy transaction.

32. You use a coupon, or get a discount and don’t tip on the full amount.

33. You give 5 different credit cards to pay one bill. Just as bad as splitting the check.

34. You act like your server is stupid. In actuality your server has this job to put them through school to ultimately and undoubtedly be better than you.

35. You come in 5 minutes before the restaurant closes. Get out.

36. You order from people who aren’t your server. They can’t help you. Your server can.

37. You walk all the way to the bar to order your alcohol. The bartender is already busy making drinks for servers. So just stay put and order from your server.

38. You flag down, snap your fingers, or yell for your server, they’re not there because they obviously have a million other things to do. Chill.

39. You crowd the bar. There are people who need to work. Don’t blame your server when you get in the way, and then get drinks spilled on you.

40. You don’t answer your server when they ask you a question. It isn’t rocket science. “Is everything OK?” All it takes is a nod yes or no.

41. You and your guest sit on the same side of the booth. It’s awkward.

42. You want us to sing for you on your birthday. Really? You don’t have your own friends to sing to you, you need complete strangers who hate you to sing to you.

43. You come in and just order dessert. If you’re taking up your servers table, make it worth their time.

44. You don’t tip.

45. You don’t tip.

I can’t stress this enough, your server hates you because 


Sourced from tiporgohome.com


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